Ahmad Ali Joda


York University, BSc in Atmospheric Sciences and a Certificate in Meteorology.​​

I have lived in Toronto for the past 5 years for the purpose of my education. I am very passionate about the weather, specifically winter snowstorms, lake effect snows, hail production, and climate modelling. I enjoy using data like radar images, radiosondes, and hodographs GEM models to predict storm chases and forecast upcoming weather phenomena. 

What is your most memorable weather experience?

Hurricane Igor in 2010, I was shocked at how powerless we are against mother nature. 

What is your favourite sports team?

I am a huge fan of soccer and basketball. My favourite soccer team is Manchester United, and my favourite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. 



What is one fact about you most people don't know?

I have a flair for fine arts and I am also a painter.