Christopher Poitras 


Completed the Penn State Weather Forecasting Program and Marshall University Bachelor of Science Majoring in Geography, with an emphasis in Weather Broadcasting. 

How did you become interested in the weather?

Since I can remember, with having been born and raised in Calgary, the constantly fluctuating and volatile climate further sparking an already budding interest in weather. As I was growing up, all-weather fascinated me, especially how every person relies on a great forecast in one way or another. However being a prairies kid, thunderstorms have always fascinated me the most. As a result, after experiencing a few severe thunderstorms in my own backyard (and even having to hide in the basement on a couple of occasions, due to an imminent tornado threat), I knew exactly what career path was meant for me! I knew that I wanted to become a Meteorologist, as I have a resilient passion to warn people, and ultimately save lives in the path of imminent severe weather!

What is your most memorable weather experience?

A severe thunderstorm that produced a tornado NW of Sundre, Alberta on July 30, 2010. This storm was the first time I experienced witnessing the development of tornadogenesis.

What is your favourite sports team?

The Calgary Flames.

What is one fact about you most people don't know?

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.


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