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65 Killed After Heavy Rains Strike Sudan

Sudan has been hit with flooding rains, that have killed at least 65 people have been killed.

Over 14,000 homes have been destroyed and over 30,000 others have been damaged.

The rain also killed 700 cattle according to officials.

Several miners were trapped in two mines due to the severe weather.

Sudan, along with several other neighbouring countries, is in the middle of the wet season, which lasts through October.

The amount of rainfall increases towards the southern part of the country. The central and the northern part have extremely dry, desert areas such as the Nubian Desert to the northeast and the Bayuda Desert to the east; in the south, there are grasslands and tropical savanna.

Sudan's rainy season lasts for about four months (June to September) in the north and up to six months (May to October) in the south.


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