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A Look at the Week Ahead

This week will be another warm week for most of Canada.

While most heat warnings have come to an end, warmer than normal temperatures will persist across a good chunk of the country.

Newfoundland and the three Maritime provinces will see temperatures about three to seven degrees above normal this week. Labrador will be slightly cooler, in fact, northern sections may see temperatures slightly below seasonable.

Southern Quebec will continue to experience temperatures about 5 degrees above normal. Southern and northwestern Ontario should see temperatures a couple of degrees above average. In northeastern sections, temperatures will be about 2 degrees below seasonal.

The Prairies will be near seasonal for the most part, it may be a couple of degrees warmer than normal in northern sections.

British Columbia will be hotter than normal in southern sections and a couple of degrees below seasonal in northern areas.

In Northern Canada, it will be a clash between warm and cold air, the battleground will be in the central part of the Northwest Territories with cold air to the west and warmer air to the east.


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