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Alberta Storm Summary

On Tuesday, a severe, supercell thunderstorm rolled off the Alberta foothills.

As the storm made its way southeast across southern Alberta very strong winds and large hail were reported with this storm.

Below is a summary of reports received by Environment and Climate Change Canada:

Peak wind gusts:

  • Barnwell: 146 km/h

  • Champion: 113 km/h

  • Priddis: 106 km/h

  • Cranford: 93 km/h

  • Pinhorn station (20 km east of Aden): 93 km/h

  • Iron Springs: 83 km/h

Hail reports:

  • Golf ball sized hail (45 mm) in Taber

  • Loonie sized hail (27 mm) in Barnwell

The combination of severe winds and large hail have let to multiple reports of crop damage and damage to farm equipment and structures from Vulcan county southeastward through the Taber/Barnwell area.

Reproduced with the permission of Environment and Climate Change Canada


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