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Another Storm Eyeing Atlantic Canada

Just as Atlantic Canada cleans up from one storm, another one is on the horizon.

We are watching a low pressure system that has yet to develop. It is expected to reach Atlantic Canada by Monday night.

Precipitation across the Maritimes is expected to begin overnight Monday.

At this time, we expect to see snow to start and then it will quickly change over to rain for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and eastern New Brunswick. Western New Brunswick will likely remain as snow. Behind the low, there will some isolated flurries across the region.

By Tuesday morning the low will be impacting Newfoundland. A similar story is expected where snow will move across the Island, with the exception of the Avalon, and then change over to rain. There is a risk of ice pellets or freezing rain across central sections and on the Great Northern Peninsula.

As the low continues to spin in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, it will spread snow into Labrador on Tuesday night and continuing through Thursday. Southeastern Labrador will probably see a transition from snow to rain or freezing rain.

By Thursday afternoon the low will be over the Labrador Sea and causing more snow and strong winds for Labrador and some snow squalls for the west coast of Newfoundland.

It remains too early to provide specific precipitation amounts. Keep checking for updates.


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