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Astronomy Highlights for January

If you happened to receive a telescope for Christmas, you'll have plenty of opportunities to use it this month.

On January 1st Mars will be at its brightest point of the year while Venus is at its dimmest point of the year.

The Moon will be at its closest point to Earth this year on the 21st.

Saturn will be above Venus for most of the month before both of the planets meet on the 22nd.

The Lunar New Year takes place on Sunday, January 22.

A bit of history from out of this world. On January 18, 2010, a meteorite crashed into a doctor's office in Lorton, Virginia. It weighed 0.29 kg. Thousands of people witnessed the meteorite streak through the sky. There were no injuries.

Moon Phases

  • January 6 Full Moon

  • January 14 Last Quarter

  • January 21 New Moon

  • January 28 First Quarter


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