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Back to school tips

With most students headed back to school, here are some tips to remember!

  • It is important to get back into a routine, that includes going to bed at a reasonable hour. Many times in the summer months, people tend to stay up later and sleep later in the mornings.

  • Watch their back! From math to history, textbooks seem to be getting bigger and bigger. Make sure you choose a backpack that is made of a sturdy, lightweight fabric with wide, padded straps. Backpacks should not be too heavy.

  • It is important to talk about safety again. Such as using crosswalks, talking to strangers, etc.

  • Make sure to talk about first-week anxiety. The start of a school year is new and everyone has some anxiety about starting something new. Make sure your child feels comfortable expressing how they feel.

  • Most of all ensure you maintain an open dialogue so you can talk about how things are going at school.


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