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BC Desert towns challenging a heatwave!

Today is Tuesday, making it Day 3 of the Hot weather across British Columbia, but especially in the Interior Okanagan desert were temperatures for the 3rd day are expected to be well above 32*C or 90 degrees *F.

City's like Lytton, Ashcroft, Osoyoos & Kamloops are all looking to make it an official heatwave!

A heatwave is 32 degrees or higher for 3 consecutive days, and city's like Lytton, Ashcroft & Osoyoos all have a chance of reaching that challenge.


Sunday, July 21st.... 33.8*C

Monday, July 22nd... 36.1*C (Yesterday)

Today, July 23rd.... 29.8*C as of 1pm. **

Only needs to get to 1.7*C more to reach heatwave status.


Sunday, July 21st.... 32.6*C

Monday, July 22nd... 36.1*C (Yesterday)

Today, July 23rd.... 31.3*C ** As of 1pm ( only need to rise 0.2 degrees to make it heatwave status)


Sunday, July 21st... 31.8*C

Monday, July 22nd... 35.8*C (Yesterday)

Today, July 23rd... 28*C As of 1pm


Sunday, July 21st... 31.4*C *** Fell short by 0.1*C ***

Monday, July 22nd... 36.0*C ( Yesterday)

Today, July 23rd... 31.0*C as of 1pm.

Kamloops will need to rise 1 degree today & reach 32 or higher tomorrow because of falling short by 0.1 degrees on Sunday.

Temperatures will cool down a bit Tomorrow & Thursday as a trough moves through, temperatures are expected to rebound back into the low and mid 30's by the weekend with another shot at making a heat wave.


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