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Cold front affecting parts of the Prairies could bring snow to parts of Alberta

There is a special weather statement in effect for numerous parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These areas will receive cold temperatures, and windy conditions from a cold front pushing from western Alberta through the Prairies starting Sunday evening, into Tuesday.

While much of the Prairies will feel the effects of this cold front, it will feel the coldest in Alberta starting late Sunday, into Monday, where we can expect temperatures to feel more like fall. If you live near the foothills, Monday may look, and feel, more like winter...yes winter. While much of the precipitation from this cold front will be rain, areas in higher elevations, and even the townsite of Canmore, Banff, and Jasper, will experience snow in the morning hours on Monday. These areas could pick up to 5 cm of snow (likely lower amounts in lower elevations).

The snow will tapper off in the afternoon, however it will not be until Tuesday that the accumulation of snow will actually melt.

Speaking of Tuesday! Temperatures will rebound, and it will feel seasonal once again in Alberta. Later in the week we could even see summer-like temperatures, with the daytime highs in the mid-to-high twenties. However, this is not before we will see temperatures reach below the freezing mark on Tuesday morning (as seen above in the the forecast for Calgary on Monday). As a result, frost is likely with these freezing temperatures, and numerous areas of the Prairies.

Temperatures will likely rebound into the seasonal category in Saskatchewan, and Manitoba on Wednesday.



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