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Cyclone Eloise Impacted 250,000 People in Mozambique

By World Meteorological Organization - WMO Twitter, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Cyclone Eloise impacted 250,000 people in Mozambique according to the United Nations.

Several health centres and schools were damaged.

Eloise made landfall with wind speeds of 160 km/h earlier this week. Due to flooding, cars were submerged in water; walls of some low lying buildings collapsed and swathes of land were flooded in Beira, while the power supply was shut down as Eloise damaged power lines and uprooted some electricity poles.

The death toll stands at 14. Some humanitarian facilities were damaged. Farm tools and seeds were destroyed.

Those affected by Eloise had their farmland and crops severely damaged, greatly exacerbating those in dire need of food. Mozambique's harvest in April is feared to be impacted due to flooded crops.

Due to conditions brought by the storm, malaria and acute watery diarrhea treatment are needed. Aid workers warned that COVID-19, due to social distancing and cleanliness being ignored, could spread rapidly and further slow relief.

Persistent heavy rains have been falling across several surrounding countries for weeks.

The storm also impacted Eswatini, Madagascar, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.


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