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Disaster in parts of California as another atmospheric river hits

Rockslide on Route 168.
Rockslide on Route 168. Twitter/CHP Fresno

One atmospheric river after another continues to smash into California causing everything from record rainfall to mudslides and rockslides.

The state has seen what seems like an endless deluge of rain since last month that has killed at least 14 people and forced thousands of people to evacuate.

On Monday thousands of people were ordered to evacuate in Santa Barbara County. A five-year-old child was swept away near the Salinas River.

Many locations have seen record rainfall. 4.22 inches of rain fell at the Santa Barbara airport, the most in one day in January.

San Louis Obispo recorded 4.10 inches of rain, the wettest day on record.

Santa Maria recorded 3.42 inches of rain in one day.

No end in sight

While the system currently impacting California will move into the Intermountain West tonight, heavy rain will continue through tonight with the risk of more flooding. Heavy snow will also continue through tonight at high elevations across the West, and some locations could receive an additional few feet of snow.

The next atmospheric river arrives Wednesday and will spread more rain across northern California. Precipitation will spread north into the Pacific Northwest Wednesday night and continue through the end of the work week.

There is a risk of flash flooding.

If there is one silver lining to the rain, it will provide some relief from the persistent drought that has been plaguing the state for quite some time.


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