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Dorian and Power Outage Update

The center of Post-Tropical cyclone Dorian is now over the northeastern Gulf of St Lawrence.

Dorian will slowly weaken as it moves northeastward across northern Newfoundland later today and east of Labrador tonight.

Maximum sustained winds: 130 km/h

Many of the regions in and bordering the Gulf of St Lawrence will continue to be impacted by potentially damaging winds this morning. Wind impacts will likely be enhanced by foliage on the trees, causing broken branches, some tree falls, and power outages. The most likely areas will be for Cape Breton Island and western and northern Newfoundland.

Current Outages:

Updated at 11:09 am ADT/11:39 am NDT

  • New Brunswick: 54,170 customers

  • Prince Edward Island: approx. 56,000 customers

  • Nova Scotia: 372,219 customers

  • Newfoundland and Labrador: approx. 4,000


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