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Early look at the Halloween forecast

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For Halloween in Canada, we tend to buy our costumes a little bigger in the event we need to wear a snowsuit underneath. The end of October in Canada is not the warmest, or the most tranquil. With that in mind, see what the weather holds for Tuesday evening.

Rain and snow is possible across Atlantic Canada and eastern Quebec. Temperatures on Tuesday evening will be around plus 1 and plus 10 degrees across Atlantic Canada.

Along the eastern shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, some isolated flurries or rain showers are possible on Tuesday evening. Southern Ontario will see evening temperatures between 1 and 5 degrees. In Northern Ontario, temperatures will be just below freezing.

Across western Canada there really won't be much to talk about, nice weather is expected across the Prairies and British Columbia. Across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, temperatures will be between minus 1 and minus 7. Alberta will see temperatures between plus 3 and plus 8. Temperatures between zero and 13 are expected across British Columbia.

For the forecast in your city, click here.

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