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El Niño is anticipated to continue through the winter

The Climate Prediction Center anticipates El Niño to continue through the Northern Hemisphere this winter from January to March.

All of the latest weekly Niño indices were in excess of +1.0°C. Niño-4 was +1.1°C, Niño-3.4 was +1.6°C, Niño-3 was +2.2°C, and Niño1+2 was +2.9°C.

Last month sea surface temperatures continued to be above average across the equatorial Pacific Ocean.

The odds of at least a "strong" El Niño from November to January have increased to 71 percent. A strong El Niño does not necessarily equate to strong impacts locally.

During an El Niño event, winters are typically warmer than average in western and central Canada.


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