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Emergency Preparedness Week: Floods

Today is Day six of Emergency Preparedness Week.

Emergency Preparedness Week is an opportunity to encourage Canadians to take action to be better prepared to protect themselves and their families during emergencies.

We will highlight different possible events this week.

Floods are the most frequent natural hazard in Canada.

Flooding can occur at any time of the year and are most often caused by heavy rainfall, rapid melting of a thick snow pack, ice jams, or more rarely, the failure of a natural or man-made dam.

Vacate your home when you are advised to do so by local emergency authorities. Ignoring such a warning could jeopardize the safety of your family or those who might eventually have to come to your rescue.

During a flood:

Take your emergency kit with you.

Follow the routes specified by officials. Don't take shortcuts. They could lead you to a blocked or dangerous area.

Make arrangements for pets.

Time permitting, leave a note informing others when you left and where you went. If you have a mailbox, leave the note there.


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