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Fall 2020 Outlook

All good things must come to an end. This is especially true when it comes to weather.

Summer 2020 is nearly over, and while many of us can't wait to say goodbye to 2020, it's still difficult to say goodbye to summer.

Autumn 2020 in Northern Hemisphere will begin on Tuesday, September 22. For most of us in Canada, we experience a transition to hot weather to cooler weather and eventually snow.

This summer has been hot, to say the least in most areas will little precipitation. As we head into fall, it looks like much of the same is expected with above-normal temperatures expected across most of Canada.

Here is a list of cities and what is expected temperature-wise and precipitation-wise.


St. John's Above Normal

Corner Brook Above Normal

Sydney Above Normal

Halifax Above Normal

Charlottetown Above Normal

Moncton Above Normal

Fredericton Above Normal

Quebec Above Normal

Montreal Above Normal

Ottawa Above Normal

Toronto Above Normal

Thunder Bay Above Normal

Winnipeg Above Normal

Churchill Above Normal

Regina Above Normal

Saskatoon Above Normal

Calgary Above Normal

Edmonton Above Normal

Vancouver Above Normal

Victoria Above Normal

Prince George Above Normal

Whitehorse Near Normal

Yellowknife Above Normal

Iqaluit Above Normal


St. John's Near Normal

Corner Brook Near Normal

Sydney Near Normal

Halifax Near Normal

Charlottetown Near Normal

Moncton Near Normal

Fredericton Near Normal

Quebec Near Normal

Montreal Near Normal

Ottawa Near Normal

Toronto Near Normal

Thunder Bay Near Normal

Winnipeg Near Normal

Churchill Near Normal

Regina Near Normal

Saskatoon Near Normal

Calgary Near Normal

Edmonton Near Normal

Vancouver Near Normal

Victoria Near Normal

Prince George Above Normal

Whitehorse Near Normal

Yellowknife Above Normal

Iqaluit Near Normal


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