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Flooding and Landslide in Quebec after weekend of rain

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The City of Drummondville, Quebec is contending with a flood risk.

Water levels in the Saint-François River are on the rise after precipitation combined with mild temperatures.

At this time the level is in the "Watch" phase.

A landslide also occurred at Mont-Blanc in the Laurentians following the overflow of a stream.

Drummondville was just one of many areas that saw significant rain from a low pressure system that moved through the province over the weekend.

Rainfall totals:

  • Montreal Airport: 19 mm

  • Saint-Jovite: 58 mm

  • L'Assomption: 23 mm

  • Trois-Rivières: 25 mm

  • Shawinigan: 30 mm

  • Lemieux: 24 mm

  • Quebec City: 34 mm

  • Beauport: 36 mm

There were also several maximum temperature records broken on December 31.

Temperature Records:

Roberval: 7.0

Previous record of 6.1 in 2004

Records in this area have been kept since 1913

Baie-Comeau: 5.1

Previous record of 1.1 in 2003

Records in this area have been kept since 1947

Gaspé: 6.4

Previous record of 5.2 in 2003

Records in this area have been kept since 1915

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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