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Flooding in China kills 12 and forces evacuations

Heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in southwest and northwest China.

State media reported that at least a dozen people are dead. At least six people died and 12 others are missing in the province of Sichuan. Another six people were killed in the province of Gansu.

In Sichuan, 1,300 people were evacuated and in Gansu, 3,000 people were evacuated.

In the hardest hit areas, nearly 100 mm of rain fell in a 36-hour period, which is double the monthly average.

More rain is expected Monday Tuesday, and Wednesday in Longnan city. Another 15 to 30 mm of rain is possible on Monday.

In eastern China, there is a heat wave sending temperatures into the 40s.

Experts warn that as climate change worsens, these events will become more common not only in China but around the world.


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