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Guam bracing for powerful Typhoon Mawar

Typhoon warnings and tropical storm warnings are in effect for portions of Guam as Typhoon Mawar draws near.

Mawar is expected to pass near or over Guam, and it is intensifying on its approach.

For Guam and Rota strong winds are expected combined with heavy rain, and life-threatening storm surge.

The storm could impact the area as a Category 4 typhoon. It currently has maximum sustained winds of 250 km/h with gusts to 305 km/h.

Preparations should now be rushed to completion.

Residents are asked to comply with any evacuation orders that are issued.

During the storm stay inside and away from windows. Do not venture outside when high winds are occurring or during temporary lulls. If the eye passes over you, extreme winds will suddenly cease. This is not the end of the typhoon.

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