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Heat warning issued for Tri counties of SW Nova Scotia

Temperatures in the 30's are expected for the next 3 days.

A big ridge moving in to bring lots of sunshine and building heat and humidity, the heat, humidity and dew points will be at it's highest on the weekend, dew points in the 20's are expected to create an oppressive to miserable feel in the air.

Humidex values are expected to hit the 40's on Saturday, Sunday forecast is tricky however!

Timing of the cold front is crucial. As of now it looks like it will pass after late afternoon, giving enough time for temperatures to reach near 33 to 36 for Shelburne county Sunday, add the humidity and dew points near 25.

Humidex values will be likely breaking over 45.

Records are expected to be smashed on both days.

The heat and humidity combined with the cold front are expected to produce some fairly strong thunderstorms for the area Sunday evening into Monday morning.

A much more refreshing and cooler airmass arrives for Tuesday with temperatures into the mid-20's with low humidity.


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