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Major Storm Expected For US Northeast

Currently, there is an area of low pressure located over Kentucky and another over South Carolina. These lows will merge overnight.

This storm will impact areas from the Mid-Atlantic to the Northeast.

A mix of winter weather is expected from the Appalachians and the interior Mid-Atlantic to the I-95 corridor. Freezing rain is the main concern across the region, as upwards of a quarter-inch of ice accretion is possible for places such as Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. As a result, travel will be dangerous and power outages are expected.

Freezing rain will eventually change to snow.

This evening heavy snow is expected for the Northeast and southern New England including New York City and Boston. The heaviest snow is expected across central Pennsylvania, where up to two feet is possible. Eastern West Virginia to far southern Maine could see about a foot of snow.

Strong winds are expected from Delaware to Cape Cod.

There are multiple alerts in effect.

Severe thunderstorms are expected across parts of coastal North Carolina and the Gulf coastal areas of the northern Florida Peninsula today.

There is still some uncertainty in the exact track of the storm.

From there the low will impact Nova Scotia.


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