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Manitoba watching flooding situation closely

Officials in Manitoba are watching the flooding situation closely. There are several flood warnings in effect.

Flood warnings have been issued for:

  • Assiniboine River Southwest of St. Lazare

  • Assiniboine River near Miniota

  • Assiniboine River North of Griswold

  • Cypress River near Bruxelles

  • Mowbray Creek near Mowbray

  • Red River at Breezy Point

  • Red River at James Avenue Pumping Station

  • Red River above Red River Floodway

  • La Salle River near Stanford

  • Little Morris River near Rosenort

  • Red River at St. Jean Baptiste

  • Red River at Morris

  • Red River near Letellier

  • Red River at Emerson

Some communities have already started sandbagging and preparing for flooding.

The forecast will only make the situation worse. Yet another Colorado Low is set to impact the region this weekend and could drop 20 to 50 mm of rain.


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