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More severe weather heading to Atlantic Canada

Another storm is on the way to Atlantic Canada.


Across central and northwestern sections of New Brunswick, 25 to 40 cm of snow is expected from this morning to tonight. This afternoon there could be some rain mixed in at times. Meanwhile, across most of southern New Brunswick, 30 to 40 mm of rain is expected today and tonight. Wind gusts between 70 and 80 km/h are expected.

Heavy rain is expected across most of Nova Scotia. Rain will begin this afternoon and this evening. Areas along the eastern and southern coast of Nova Scotia will see the heaviest rain, 25 to 50 mm are possible. Over higher terrain precipitation could change to snow overnight. Winds will also gust to 80 km/h. The rain will wind down Monday afternoon. There is a risk of flooding. Wind gusts to 80 km/h are expected. Gusts between 100 and 140 km/h are expected for Margaree Harbour to Bay St. Lawrence.

Prince Edward Island will see mostly rain with snow mixed in at times, however amounts are expected to be minimal. Wind gusts to 80 km/h are expected.


It's probably not what people in Newfoundland want to hear, but more snow and rain is on the way. For eastern, northeastern, and central Newfoundland heavy snow and strong winds are expected. The snow will begin on Monday night and continue through Wednesday. The snow in these areas will mix with or change to snow at times. 20 to 40 cm of snow is expected. Wind gusts up to 70 km/h are possible.

The Avalon Peninsula and south coast will see mostly rain late Monday until Tuesday afternoon. Heavy rain is expected, and most areas will see 20 to 40 mm, however, 50 mm is possible locally. In some areas, the precipitation may mix with or change to snow. The recent snow combined with heavy rain and warm temperatures will result in snowmelt and there is a risk of flooding. Wind gusts from 70 to 90 km/h are expected. On Monday wind gusts to 150 km/h could occur in the Wreckhouse area.


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