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Newfoundland Storm Totals

Environment and Climate Change Canada has released storm totals from the heavy rain and strong winds that hit western and southwestern Newfoundland from a low pressure system that stalled off the coast.

The heaviest rain was concentrated over southwestern areas, with amounts drastically lower elsewhere. This system also brought a period of strong southeasterly winds to the island.

The torrential rain contributed to considerable flooding over southwestern Newfoundland, with road washouts and ongoing closures.

The two-day rainfall total of 165.1 mm on November 23-24, 2021 at Port aux Basques broke the previous highest two-day rainfall record of 133.9 mm at the location, set April 28-29, 1982.

The 24-hour rainfall amount of 136.1 mm for the 24 hour period ending at 2:30 P.M. NST on November 24, 2021 at Port aux Basques establishes a new record highest 24-hour amount for a synoptic observation at the location. The record prior to this event was 118.0 mm, set July 17-18, 1979.

Total rainfall:

  • North Codroy (Mountainview): 195.6 mm

  • Port aux Basques: 165.1 mm

  • Burgeo: 87.0 mm

  • Ferolle Point: 22.5 mm

  • St. Anthony Airport: 21.5 mm

  • Stephenville Airport: 20.2 mm

Maximum wind gusts:

  • Wreckhouse: 141 km/h (based on incomplete data)

  • Green Island (Fortune Bay): 132 km/h

  • Stephenville Airport: 100 km/h

  • Ramea: 97 km/h

  • Port aux Basques: 96 km/h

  • Burgeo: 94 km/h

  • Daniel's Harbour: 94 km/h

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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