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Pair of lows could mean an early start to hurricane season

There are two areas in the Atlantic basin that the National Hurricane Center is keeping na eye on.

The first is about 700 kilometres east-northeast of Bermuda. Over the past several hours the low has become better organized. If current trends continue advisories could be initiated on the system later today or tonight as it moves westward.

At this time, the low is forecast to move northeastward into a more hostile environment by Saturday night or Sunday. This system has a 90 percent chance of forming in the next five days.

Recent satellite imagery suggests that a low-level circulation is forming associated with the mid-to upper-level disturbance over the western Gulf of Mexico. Shower and thunderstorm activity remains disorganized. Environmental conditions are expected to be marginally conducive for development, and a short-lived tropical depression or storm could form before the disturbance moves inland over the northwestern Gulf coast tonight.

This low has a 40 percent chance of forming in the next five days.


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