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Post-Tropical Cyclone Delta Bringing Heavy Rain to Georgia, Carolinas, & Virginia

Delta has transitioned to a post-tropical cyclone. The winds have weakened to 45 km/h.

Post-Tropical Cyclone Delta will continue to bring heavy rains to northeast Georgia, the western Carolinas, and western Virginia. In these areas 3 to 6 inches (75 to 150 mm) of rain is possible.

Across much of the rest of the Mid-Atlantic, 1 to 3 inches (25 to 75 mm) of rain is expected.

Flash flooding is possible.

Marginally severe thunderstorms are possible across parts of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Some tornadoes are possible across the Carolinas today. Anytornadoes that do develop should be weak.

The low is expected to dissipate tonight.


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