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Probable Tornado Reported near Fort Smith

Environment and Climate Change Canada is investigating a possible tornado in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories.

At approximately 4:00 pm MDT on Sunday the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre received several reports of a funnel cloud and photos of probable tornadic damage in Fort Smith.

Damage reports included downed trees, several homes that lost roofing material, and at least two sheds that were overturned or displaced.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's assessment is that this was a probable tornado, with a preliminary rating of EF-1.

A wind engineer with Western University's Northern Tornadoes Project is en route to Fort Smith to conduct a damage survey that will be used to confirm these findings.

This would be only the 4th tornado confirmed north of 60 degrees latitude in Canada.

This was likely a landspout tornado that was generated by rotation under a rapidly growing thunderstorm. Landspout tornadoes do not usually cause significant damage but can still be dangerous as they can topple trees, damage roofs, or toss debris a short distance.

Based on ECCC Data


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