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Rain and Cool Temperatures in Saskatchewan

Both heavy rain and cool temperatures were recorded in Saskatchewan from Thursday to Sunday.

A low pressure system formed Thursday, August 15 in Alberta and brought thunderstorms, heavy rain, and gusty winds to northern portions of Saskatchewan from late Thursday, August 15 to Saturday, August 17.

Rainfall totals:

  • Near Carswell Lodge: 91 mm

  • 85 kilometres north northeast of La Loche: 85 mm

  • Collins Bay: 58 mm

  • La Loche: 51 mm

  • Southend: 51 mm

  • Key Lake: 45 mm

The following locations set new record low temperatures on August 18:

Last Mountain Lake Area

New record of -0.6

Old record of 1.0 set in 1985

Records started in 1975

North Battleford

New record of -0.5

Old record of 1.7 set in 1895

Records started in 1879


New record of 2.0

Old record of 2.8 set in 1901

Records started in 1883


New record of 0.7

Old record of 2.2 set in 1940

Records started in 1900

Based on ECCC Data

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