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Record-breaking hurricane slams Mexico's west coast

Hurricane Otis made landfall near Acapulco, Mexico today as a category five hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 270 km/h.

Otis is the first category five hurricane to make landfall in the eastern Pacific and is the strongest storm to strike the west coast of Mexico in recorded history.

There is no immediate word on deaths, injuries, or the extent of the damage because the storm knocked out all communications in the area.

Otis brought storm surges, coastal flooding and large destructive waves to coastal areas. Heavy rain caused flooding inland.

Otis has since weakened to a tropical storm and is located 205 kilometres north-northwest of Acapulco, Mexico with winds of 95 km/h.

Otis is expected to produce additional rainfall totals of 100 to 200 mm through Thursday across Guerrero and the western coastal sections of Oaxaca. This rainfall will produce flash and urban flooding, along with mudslides in areas of higher terrain.


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