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Saturday Was a Warm One in Atlantic Canada

It was a very warm day across Atlantic Canada on Saturday.

Several areas saw temperatures near 30 degrees.

Here is a list of high temperatures recorded:

  • St. John's 26.5°C

  • Gander 28.5°C

  • Corner Brook 28.2°C

  • Happy Valley-Goose Bay 29.2°C

  • Wabush 26.3°C

  • Sydney 27.5°C

  • Halifax 26.5°C

  • Yarmouth 22.2°C

  • Charlottetown 28.2°C

  • Moncton 29.5°C

  • Fredericton 29.8°C

  • Saint John 26.4°C

It will be just as warm once again on Sunday for most areas.

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