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Significant snow expected for portions of southern Ontario

On Thursday portions of Ontario will receive significant amounts of snow.

Areas of central and southern Ontario will see significant amounts of snow and strong winds and, as a result, widespread blowing snow.

Snowfall forecast:

  • Toronto 20-30 cm

  • Kingston 20-30 cm

  • Peterborough 15-30 cm

  • Huntsville 10-15 cm

  • Owen Sound 5-10 cm

For the areas around London and southwestern Ontario, a few flurries are expected, but there is a risk of significant freezing rain, likely resulting in power outages.

Winds will gust to 80 km/h across the area on Thursday resulting in significant blowing snow.

Areas west of Lake Superior, including Thunder Bay will continue to see snow into Thursday night. Total snowfall amounts of 30 to 40 cm are expected by Friday morning with wind gusts to 60 km/h resulting in blowing snow.

On Friday the snow will shift to eastern sections of Ontario including Ottawa. 15 to 20 cm of snow is expected.

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