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Significant snowfall possible for Nova Scotia & Newfoundland

Another low is expected to head toward Atlantic Canada on Thursday. On its current track, the storm looks like it will deliver snow to the Maritimes and most of Newfoundland.


Snow will move into southern New Brunswick and southern Nova Scotia on Wednesday night. For places such as Yarmouth precipitation will be mixed with rain at times. Snow will spread north before coming to an end on Thursday night.

The heaviest snow looks like it will fall over Nova Scotia. Some eastern areas and Cape Breton Island could see 20 cm of snow. Elsewhere a general 5 to 10 cm is expected.

Winds will be gusty too with gusts to 90 km/h expected in Nova Scotia, 70 km/h on Prince Edward Island, and 60 km/h in eastern New Brunswick.


Snow will move into Newfoundland on Thursday morning. Snow will spread across the entire island portion of the province.

On Thursday afternoon the snow is expected to mix with ice pellets over the Avalon Peninsula before changing back to snow.

The heaviest snow looks like it could fall over the Burin Peninsula and Northern Avalon. Snowfall amounts of 20 to 40 cm are possible in those areas. Central Newfoundland could end up with 15 to 20 cm and western sections will only get about 5 cm.

The big question is the exact track. For example, on the southern Avalon, some areas could see as little as 2 cm while on the northern Avalon snowfall amounts are expected to be high. There is still some model disagreement on snowfall totals. As a result, a slight shift in the track could alter snowfall amounts significantly.

In central and eastern Newfoundland including the Avalon Peninsula, winds are expected to gust to 80 km/h.

Labrador will not see any impacts from this storm.


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