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Snow, Rain, and Wind Visits Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is getting hit with more nasty weather today as an area of low pressure tracks just east of Nova Scotia today and over eastern Newfoundland tonight and Wednesday.

Some light snow is expected to continue in New Brunswick and on Prince Edward Island today. Accumulations should not exceed 10 cm in the heaviest snow.

Nova Scotia will see rain for most of the south coast and the eastern half of the province. In western Nova Scotia, both a snow and rain mix is expected. Some areas of southeastern Nova Scotia may receive up to 60 mm of rain. Elsewhere across the province amounts of 15 to 30 mm are expected.

Newfoundland will see a snow move in this afternoon and will reach the Avalon by this evening. Some rain is likely across the Avalon and Burin at the storm winds down. Heavy snow is expected for the Avalon and eastern sections of the province. 15 to 25 cm of snow is expected.

There will also be some strong winds.

There is another low, behind this one that could have an impact on our weather on Thursday night and Friday.


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