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Snowfall Record Broken in Labrador

A strong area of low pressure through the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence Monday night and crossed southeastern Labrador on Tuesday.

In Newfoundland, there was rain and strong winds.

On Monday evening interior and southeastern section of Labrador received heavy snow and strong winds which ended Tuesday night.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said that the amount of snowfall recorded at Happy Valley-Goose Bay Airport was particularly noteworthy, with 28.4 cm on Monday followed by 46.6 cm on Tuesday.

The Tuesday amount broke the previous one-day record for November (40.6 cm on November 12, 1944). The combined two-day total of 75.0 cm broke the previous two-day record for November (70.6 cm on November 11-12, 1944).

It also ranks as the second-highest two-day total of all time, with the standing record remaining at 91.0 cm (January 14-15, 2006). Records began in 1942.

Here are some snowfall amounts:

  • Happy Valley-Goose Bay Airport: 75 cm

  • Mud Lake: 73 cm

  • Makkovik Airport: 29 cm

  • Wabush Airport: 16 cm

Rainfall totals:

  • Red Bay: 25 mm

  • Port Hope Simpson: 19 mm

Maximum wind gusts:

  • Red Bay: 108 km/h

  • Rigolet: 104 km/h

  • Makkovik Airport: 104 km/h

  • Cartwright Airport: 100 km/h

  • Hopedale: 96 km/h

  • Blanc-Sablon Airport: 94 km/h

  • Nain Airport: 93 km/h

  • Postville: 89 km/h

  • Mary's Harbour Airport: 80 km/h

  • Happy Valley-Goose Bay Airport: 76 km/h

Based on ECCC Data


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