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SOE & Clean up on Day 4

Good Evening! It's Day 4 of the State of Emergency in place for St. John's and several other communities creating a continuous long period of closures and still shutting down the city commercial traffic.

All Schools, and many businesses remain closed Monday and will be closed for Day 5 again on Tuesday as the clean up continues.

The city however has allowed some Businesses to open for Emergency use ONLY from 10am to 6pm, these include:

Pharmacies, Grocery stores, small convenience stores, etc.

However, fast food places and other small stores are NOT permitted to be open as State Of Emergency remains in effect.

All commercial flights in and out of St. John's YYT airport remain cancelled until 5AM Wednesday, and only ambulance and Emergency flights are permitted at the airport.

The search continues for a missing man from Roaches Line who has been missing since Friday when walking from a friends place in the Massive Blizzard, as no taxi service was available.

Over 400 Canadian arm forces continue to help dig people out of there homes Day and Night and tractors, plows, dump trucks and shovels continue to help clean up the streets during the day and night.

Metro Bus service remains out of service as the State of Emergency remains in effect.

and Domino's gives out 30,000$ worth of free Pizzas to Emergency personal.


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