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Southern Ontario Forecast

blowing winds creating significant windchill during the week

Forecast for today,

Kenora is experiencing periods of snow and ice pellets ending in the afternoon and there is a chance of freezing rain, temperature high is 1 with a windchill of -5, winds are southwest 30km/h gusting to 50. Thunder Bay is cloudy with rain showers and flurries in the afternoon with temperature high of 4 and winds southeast 30km/h gusting to 50 in the afternoon.

Windsor and London are sunny with cloud patches and a high of 5. Sudbury has a mix of sun and cloud with chances of flurries, the temperature is -2 with a windchill of -7, winds are 15km/h. Toronto is cloudy with a high of 7 and chances of flurries or rain showers, winds are west 20km/h and lulling this afternoon and Ottawa is cloudy with a high of 2 and winds are northwest 20km/h 40

For the night time

Windsor has a few clouds with a chance of showers tonight the low is 8 and winds are south 20km/h.

London and Goderich are partly cloudy with low of 0 and a windchill of -5.

Toronto is partly cloudy with low of -2, Barrie and Kingston are clear becoming cloudy overnight with low of -2 and -3 and windchill of -4 and -8, winds are southeast 20km/h. Ottawa is clear becoming cloudy as well with winds up to 15km/h the low is -9.

Enjoy your day folks


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