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Strengthening Hurricane Barbara aims for Hawaii!

Hurricane Barbara in the Pacific is the 2nd hurricane this season, just forming 2 days ago and very quickly picking up intensity is now almost an Major hurricane with 110 mph winds as of 1:30am this morning, and is expected to become a major Category 3 storm today and continue to intensify over next 72 hours potentially becoming a category 4 or 5 hurricane by Thursday.

The storm is expected to remain offshore this week and start loosing strength by the weekend, it is still to early to say for sure, but as of now there is a very good possibility that Barbara can impact Hawaii sometime next week as a Tropical Storm or Tropical Depression.

As of 1:30am PT.

Barbara is a strong Category 2 hurricane with winds of 110mph moving West at 15mph and a pressure of 969mb. The storm is expected to maintain West to North West motion over next few days.


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