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The Storm That Was and Wasn't

Earlier this week we were talking about the heavy snowfall amounts expected for western Newfoundland this weekend. Snowfall amounts that did and did not materialize.

Indeed, areas over the higher elevations of the west coast and inland areas did get the snow that we predicted. But if you look back at our old blog posts on the storm it was stated that areas near the coast would see mostly rain.

Corner Brook, for example, was placed under a snowfall warning with 30 to 50 cm expected. As we now know, that did not happen because of our unique elevation. The temperature remained warm enough, especially at lower elevations (near the water) to remain mostly as rain.

The weather models we use all showed snow and rain for the area as a whole.

So anyone in Corner Brook who is upset with the lack of snow, remember... it's only November, there's still plenty of time left!

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