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Tornado and Downburst Confirmed After Ontario Storms

On Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday evening, several thunderstorms impacted southwestern Ontario.

Environment and Climate Change Canada has said that the thunderstorms resulted in an EF1 tornado, an EF0 downburst, power outages and additional downed tree limbs in southwestern Ontario.

In the Petrolia area, the damage survey concluded that an EF1 tornado with maximum estimated winds of 140 km/h occurred. The damage path of this tornado was roughly 5 km long and 200 m wide along Rokeby Line to the southeast of Petrolia. This tornado resulted in damage to a barn, damage to several sheds, bent antennae as well as many downed trees and branches.

The Northern Tornadoes Project also investigated an area of damage from northwest of Petrolia to southeast of Petrolia. This damage was concluded to be the result of an EF0 downburst with maximum estimated winds of 130 km/h. The damage consisted of a snapped power pole, an overturned recreational trailer as well as tree damage. This damage covered an area of roughly 20 km by 5 km.

Wind gusts:

  • Windsor 124 km/h

  • Brantford 91 km/h

  • Port Colborne 76 km/h

Rainfall amounts:

  • Cambridge 46.2 mm

  • Glen Morris 46.1 mm

  • Windsor 44 mm

  • Burford 41.2 mm

  • Sarnia 39.6 mm

  • Paris 38.2 mm

  • Harrow 29.4 mm

  • Point Pelee 29.2 mm

  • Virgil 28 mm

  • Welland 26.5 mm

  • Oswego 25.8 mm

  • Glen Morris 64 mm

  • Amherstburg 58.4 mm

  • Windsor 56.4 mm

  • La Salle 50 mm

  • Scotland 50.8 mm

  • Kingsville 49.3 mm

  • Harrow 46.2 mm

  • St. Marys 42.4 mm

Based on ECCC Data


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