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Tornado Confirmed in Quebec

Environment Canada has concluded their investigation into weather events from August 21.

In light of the latest observations, including high-resolution satellite images, Environment and Climate Change Canada determined that the area east of Mont-Laurier (Lake David area) was hit by a tornado.

As the tornado occurred around 10:30 p.m., no direct witnesses were able to observe it or capture images of it. The only evidence of its passage was investigated the following days.

After analysis of the damage to the various inhabited and wooden areas, the tornado has been classifiled as an EF1 tornado with peak winds between 135 and 175 km/h.

Typically, Quebec sees between 4 and 10 tornadoes in a year.

On average, around 80 confirmed and unconfirmed tornadoes touch down in Canada each year, with most occurring in Southern Ontario, the southern Canadian Prairies and southern Quebec.

The most common types are EF0 to EF2 (F0 to F2) in damage intensity level and usually result in minor structural damage to barns, wood fences, roof shingles, chimneys, uprooted or snapped tree limbs and downed power lines.


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