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Tornado that hit Barrie rated as an EF-2

Environment Canada has confirmed that a tornado hit Barrie, Ontario and it has been rated as an EF-2 tornado.

Environment Canada said that the tornado struck just after 2:30 pm Thursday. The tornado tracked from the miniature golf course on Huronia Road and Mapleview Drive (in south Barrie) and continued eastward towards Prince William Way where it caused significant damage on the north side of Mapleview drive.

Trees were uprooted or toppled, and at least 10 roofs were removed. The second floor was destroyed or removed from two houses. A couple of vehicles were overturned. Roof shingles were damaged or removed from a number of other homes along the damage track from the tornado.

There were eight injuries as a result of this tornadic thunderstorm.

A damage survey team from ECCC and Western University's Northern Tornados Project determined a preliminary rating of EF-2 with maximum wind speeds of 210 km/h.

The damage path was about 5 km long and up to 100 metres wide.

The damage track may have continued towards Friday Harbour and over Lake Simcoe.

Data Source: Environment and Climate Change Canada


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