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Warm Up Expected Across the Prairies, Starting on Sunday.

For what has seemed like an endless stretch of days that have seen thunderstorms, and even tornadoes, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta will finally see a break from the precipitation, and average, and in some cases, below average temperatures.

A heat wave will start Sunday in the prairie provinces, and will last until at least Wednesday. Some cities such as Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon, will see the heat wave last until at least Friday, with the possibility of it sticking around for the weekend.

Areas specifically in Alberta, will experience a cold front come in on Wednesday, and this will bring with it instability, and thus a chance for precipitation, likely in the form of thunderstorms. Thankfully though, our team of forecasters are predicting that this will only last as a one day event in most areas, however showers could linger into Thursday in the northern sections of the prairie provinces. Never the less, by Friday most areas across the prairies will be back into another heat wave that will once again bring dry conditions, and above average temperatures.

Forecaster - Christopher Poitras


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