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Watching Two Areas in the Atlantic Basin

Source: National Hurricane Center

The record-breaking 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season is winding down. Even though there are only two days left to the season, there are two areas in the Atlantic Basin that are being monitored.

The first is located over the far eastern Atlantic and it is expected to move southward about midway between Portugal and the Azores through the weekend. The low could acquire subtropical characteristics early next week north of the Canary Islands. The system has a low chance of forming over the next five days.

Secondly, there is a non-tropical low pressure area located over 650 miles east-southeast of Bermuda. environmental conditions are not conducive for development at this point.

Regardless of development, this low poses no threat to the United States or Canada.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season ends on November 30. Storms can and do form in the off-season.


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