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10 People Dead From Wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington

Photo: EOSDIS Worldview. Smoke can be seen off the west coast of the United States.

Wildfires continue to scorch large portions of California, Oregon and Washington.

Officials have confirmed that 10 people have died and dozens of others are unaccounted for.

Thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. In some cases, entire neighbourhoods have been wiped off the map and the skies have turned an apocalyptic orange and red.

Dry weather and above-average temperatures are expected to continue this weekend.

As a result of the fires, very poor and unhealthy air quality is occurring due to all the smoke.

The Weather Prediction Center says that very poor air quality is expected to persist resulting in air quality alerts in effect for all of Washington State, Oregon and large portions of California this weekend.


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