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2023 Summer Outlook

Summer officially begins with the summer solstice on Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 10:58 am EDT. The Summer Solstice is the day with the longest amount of sunlight.

Canadians relish in the season, be it long or short, any amount of time when the weather is fair, we spend it outside, whether at the lake or cottage, Summer is most people's favourite season.

This year we anticipated that most of the country will see above normal temperatures. The only exception to this will be the Pacific Coast where below normal temperatures are expected.

Precipitation will be near normal for most inhabited areas of Canada.

Below are national maps depicting the expected trend of temperatures and precipitation along with a city forecast.


City Forecast:

St. John's Above Normal

Labrador City Above Normal

Halifax Above Normal

Charlottetown Above Normal

Frederiction Above Normal

Quebec City Above Normal

Montreal Above Normal

Ottawa Above Normal

Toronto Above Normal

Thunder Bay Above Normal

Winnipeg Above Normal

Regina Above Normal

Saskatoon Above Normal

Calgary Above Normal

Edmonton Above Normal

Vancouver Below Normal

Victoria Below Normal

Prince George Above Normal

Whitehorse Near Normal

Yellowknife Above Normal

Iqaluit Above Normal


City Forecast:

St. John's Near Normal

Labrador City Near Normal

Halifax Near Normal

Charlottetown Near Normal

Frederiction Near Normal

Quebec City Near Normal

Montreal Near Normal

Ottawa Near Normal

Toronto Near Normal

Thunder Bay Near Normal

Winnipeg Near Normal

Regina Near Normal

Saskatoon Near Normal

Calgary Near Normal

Edmonton Near Normal

Vancouver Near Normal

Victoria Near Normal

Prince George Near Normal

Whitehorse Near Normal

Yellowknife Near Normal

Iqaluit Near Normal


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