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9 Tornado Safety Tips

In Canada, as we head toward summer we need to keep tornado safety in mind, while we do not receive nearly as many tornadoes as the United States, powerful tornadoes have been recorded in nearly every province.

It is important to know what to do before, during and after a tornado. These tips could save your life. Prepare before the tornado comes 🌪️ Keep an eye on the weather - monitor your phone. - listen to local radio stations and weather channels. - download an app that sends out alerts. 🌪️ prepare your yard - get rid of dead or weak branches from trees and bushes. - consider replacing gravel and stone with mulch or shredded bark. Dead branches or gravel can cause damage in a tornado. - move any patio furniture or planters into a shed. They can cause damage if lifted by the wind. 🌪️ know the signs - dark green or yellowish sky - loud and continuous train-like roaring sound - dust and debris falling from the sky - a severe thunderstorm - a " wall " of dark clouds - large hail 🌪️ plan for a power outage - keep a well-stocked emergency kit on hand and store it in a place where you can access it in the dark - have access to at least 3 days worth of supplies for each member of your household (including pets) in case you can't leave your home. 🌪️ Summer storm emergency kit - cash - emergency contact list - bottled water - flashlight with extra batteries - non-perishable food for you and your pet - candles, matches and a lighter - first aid kit - battery-powered radio with extra batteries - portable charger for your cell phone Staying safe during a tornado 🌪️ take shelter and stay away from windows - head to the basement, or a small main floor room like a bathroom or closet, if you can't get to the basement - once you are there, get as close to the floor as possible and stay away from windows. 🌪️ get off the road or out of your mobile home - if you are on the road during a tornado, get out of your car and head to the nearest building. - if you are in a mobile home, get out and head to a permanent building with a solid foundation - if there is no building, take cover in a ditch away from trees or other objects. 🌪️protect your head - consider sitting under a piece of sturdy furniture - like a heavy table or desk or use your arms to protect your head and neck. - also, maybe put on bike helmets if they are handy.

What to do after the tornado has passed 🌪️ tornados hit in the afternoon or early evening - they last usually about 10 minutes - check with the weather stations to see if there is another storm on its way. If there is another one coming, prepare to take cover again. Listen to reports from local authorities to see what to do next. - determine the damage. Check through your house and make sure furniture and items on shelves are secure. - check outside for any downed power lines. Stay away from them and contact your hydro company.


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