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Alberta low pushing snow storms into southern Ontario

Moderate to heavy amounts of snowfall resulting from the Alberta low (Alberta clippers) pushing winds southeast and creating lake effect on the great lakes. This is expected to continue until the end of the week in Southern Ontario.

The snow accumulation is expected to last the whole week as weak bands of snowstorms are formed north west of Lake Superior and passing.

Also the jet stream (upper level winds at high speed) is located south of the Great Lakes closer to the Northern US. The jet usually differentiates northern cold and drier air mass (namely continental arctic) from the southern warmer airmass (continental tropical) which results in higher windchill during the week.

Here are some major cities with their expected amounts of snowfall accumulation, and wind gusts for the week:

Windsor and London are expecting 2-5 cm of snow and winds resulting in colder windchills during the week. Hamilton will have about 5 - 10 cm. Toronto and Kingston will accumulate some moderate snow, 10 - 15 cm and winds are not to gusty, up tp 15km/h and this is expected to last the whole week. Barrie and Ottawa are in the heavier zones with 15 - 20 cm of snow and winds are up to 15km/h. Huntsville is in the heaviest region with snow accumulations up to 20-30 cm and winds are 15km/h and gusting.

Keep warm folks!


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