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Another atmospheric river to hit California

A weather map for the United States
Photo: NWS

Another atmospheric river is set to impact California.

Today and Tuesday a low will slam into the coast of California bringing heavy snow and heavy rain.

Areas such as the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada will see considerable snow over the next few days. In the heaviest snow up to 4 inches is possible. The heaviest snow will fall across the June Lake and Mammoth Lakes and the Sierra ridge.

Areas below 5000 feet along the central California coast, San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento Valley, and southern Sierra Nevada foothills will see heavy rain into Tuesday. Some of these areas could see 3 to 6 inches of rain, locally 8 inches is possible.

Flooding will be a concern because snowmelt is also expected. The snowmelt combined with heavy rain will cause creeks and streams to be vulnerable to flooding.


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