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Another significant storm on the horizon for Atlantic Canada


Tonight, rain will push across Nova Scotia, eastern Prince Edward Island, and southeastern New Brunswick. Snow is expected for central and northern New Brunswick along with western PEI.

Across New Brunswick along with western PEI precipitation will end by Thursday night. Elsewhere across the Maritimes, rain will change to snow briefly for most of PEI and Nova Scotia before ending early on Friday morning. During the changeover freezing rain and ice pellets are possible.

Across northeastern New Brunswick and western Prince Edward Island, 15 to 20 cm of snow is expected. Most of southern New Brunswick could see 15 cm of snow and ice pellets. Charlotte County, Saint John County, and Kings County will see 30 to 50 mm of rain.

Queens and Kings Counties on Prince Edward Island could see up to 15 cm of snow.

Most of mainland Nova Scotia will see 30 to 50 mm of rain.


Snow is expected to push across most of Newfoundland on Thursday afternoon from west to east. Snow will be heavy at times and the heaviest snow is expected to fall over the Northern Avalon Peninsula. Snowfall amounts of 30 to 50 cm are possible. A slight change in the track could significantly alter snowfall amounts.

Across the Burin Peninsula and Avalon Peninsula, snow may change to ice pellets Thursday night and Friday morning.

The snow will come to an end before dawn on Saturday.


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